Selasa, 09 November 2010


remembering my childhood, what a wonderful moment.. :") oh how i miss your smile, i miss your voice, i miss your smell, i miss when you hugged me, i miss your kiss on the cheek, i miss being together with you.. there's so many questions that i wanna ask to you, and so many stories that i wanna share.. but i know.. we're not in the same world anymore. i can't, and I WILL NEVER say that you're dead, you're just away! and you're still alive in this heart, i love you so much.. i love you more than you think i do. Oh lord, please send a billion loves to him, tell him how much i truly love him. I miss you dad, i miss seeing you together with our family, i wish those moments could be repeated. Semoga tenang disana yah, My prayer always goes to you.

with love,
Your lovely daughter :")

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